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Kiran Sidhu: A Call for Minority Involvement in Cybersecurity Legislation Reform and Civil Rights Protests: Lessons from the Anti-SOPA/PIPA Demonstrations

Published in Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal 38 Hastings Comm. & Ent. L.J. 117 2016.

"[Text] In the Intellectual Property ("IP") world, it is common knowledge that the traditional "writers of copyright's history" are powerful interest groups in the entertainment industry, and, as a result, ordinary citizens lack the political firepower to influence copyright debates."

[Citation] Such US-based interest groups include the Motion Picture Association of America ("MPAA") (comprised of 6 big media companies: GE, Disney, Newscorp, TimeWarner, Viacom and CBS), the Recording Industry Association of America ("RIAA"), and large software firms who actively lobby on their behalf. See generally MONICA HORTEN, A COPYRIGHT MASQUERADE: How CORPORATE LOBBYING THREATENS ONLINE FREEDOMS (2013)."

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