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Iptegrity's impact is measurable. It is widely referenced by the media throughout Europe, and is used as a source for EU communications and Internet policy.

Each of my postings achieves thousands of page views and the website in total averages around 200,000 page views per month. It is achieving this entirely on its own merit, and I do not use any form of paid-for publicity or advertising.

Here are over 60 instances where either Monica Horten or iptegrity have been quoted or linked by media sites.

Evening Standard 19 July 2023 Online Safety Bill
The Guardian 18 January 2023
The Times 13 January 2023
BBC 12 January 2023
iNews 1 December 2022
New Statesman November 2022
BBC 30 July 2022 June 2020
CNN Wire 2018
Society for Computers & the Law - 2017 Brexit predictions 2017
Security Week 2017
Internet Policy Review October 2014
InfoSecurity January 2014
European Parliamentary Research Service 2014
Computerworld November 2013
Internet Policy Review September 2013
Techdirt July 2013
ZDNet April 2013
Infosecurity July 2013
Open Society Foundation: News Digest May 2013
New York Times / International Herald Tribune May 2013
TR December 2013
Green Left Weekly December 2013
Computerworld UK April 2013
Hans Peter Lehofer blog March 2013
The Guardian 2012 Open Internet Poll
Computerworld UK Sept.2012
ZD Net Belgium Sept.2012
Heise Online April 2012
Infosecurity Magazine April 2012
Techdirt April 2012
Techdirt February 2012
Heise Online February 2012
Ars Technica February 2012
Netzpolitik February 2012
Wired UK February 2012
Business Insider February 2012
ZD 9 February 2012
The Inquirer February 2012
ThinkBroadband February 2012
ISP Review November 2011
ZD 21 November 2011
Bloomberg Law Reports October 2011
TorrentFreak May 2011
Techdirt 27 May 2011
IGP blog - Internet Governance Project
Techdirt 6 May 2011
Corriere della August 2010
Spiegel-Online (Germany)
Society for Computers and the Law
Perspectives 2010: The Official TM Forum Yearbook
Sky News
Michael Geist blog (Poland)
Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
Chris Marsden blog
Carrollogos blog
Quinta's weblog
Heise Online (Germany)
Intellectual Property Watch
Comon (Danish IT magazine)
International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG)
Computer Weekly
La Repubblica (Italy)
The Register
Telecoms Europe
Deep Packet Inspection under its own spotlight
Three Strikes and you're -er- confused?
Netzsperren-Bugs im Telekom-Paket
Im Netz der Lobbyisten
Telecom TV: Old dogs and new tricks
Telecom TV: Keep the Internet neutral
PC Pro
Max PC
Media Week

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I am a tech policy specialist, published author, post-doctoral scholar. I hold a PhD from the University of Westminster, and a DipM from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Currently working on UK Online Safety Bill.

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